Day 3: Postpartum Depression

postpartum depression

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month! This week leading up to October 15th, I am partnering with fellow loss mama, and writer, Liz Mannegren, to help create discussion and raise awareness about this vitally important topic. This Motherhood Story Day 3 Journal Prompt: Take the time to be honest with yourself today. Journal about what pregnancy loss was really like emotionally. What emotions were present during the loss of your child? What physical symptoms did you notice due to your mood? Use as many descriptive words as you can to share your experience. I stood in my doctor’s office...

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What is Postpartum Depression Like?

I've had this post sitting in my drafts since May. It has been on my mind for a long time, but one that I've been afraid to touch. I was expecting to come back to a few paragraphs, but this post was completely empty. The only thing I had for this post was the title. There is still a stigma around postpartum depression and often leaves me fearful of being misunderstood. I really didn't understand depression prior to living it. Postpartum depression and anxiety (PPD/PPA) is difficult for me to share about because I do still feel judgement. I work with families,...

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My Drug Free Battle With Postpartum Depression


During my pregnancy, my doctors kept telling me that I was at high risk for postpartum depression since I had been battling depression for the past two years. I was at my lowest point during pregnancy and it was a scary thing. My OB referred me to a psychiatrist and I continued to work with my counsellor, though not much real work could be done. Each session was basically to sustain me as I had no resiliency to do any deeper work. As frustrating as it was, those sessions were much needed. Less than twenty-four hours after delivery, nurses asked about...

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The Fourth Trimester

fourth trimester

We have made it through what is known as the fourth trimester. These past three months have flown by. The days are long and difficult, but the time has really passed quickly. I know my maternity leave is going to be over in a flash. The first month was dedicated to recovery due to complications after birth. At first, I physically couldn't do anything. Recovering from a postpartum hemorrhage is no joke! I really had to rest. Lying in bed with the baby on me was about all I could do. The days I tried to challenge myself to be...

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