Tiny Bud

Tiny bud Who never got to bloom Firmly planted Uprooted too soon Like the breeze Against my cheek Gone before I could reach Like a sprinkle of rain Fall on me so I can feel Take me to the skies Like the clouds Swiftly changing My grief floats and hovers Planted in a season beyond time Blossoming petals of light The bouquet I delivered too soon * With Love and Light, Stefanie  

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thorns poem

It's been a heck of a week for my body, building on a month of new recommendations. As the months pass, I seem to be adding more chronic pain specialists to my health team. While I'm excited to have all these doctors as resources, it's also a little depressing to be continuously referred and makes me feel like no one really knows what to do with me. The suggestions for care are getting more and more aggressive. Getting trigger point injections were already reaching my treatment threshold and earlier this month, I met with one of the "bigger chronic pain specialist."...

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Two is a Crowd


When I was pregnant, Brian and I would joke that we'd never be alone, ever again! Wherever we went, this little being would have to come with us, she'd follow us everywhere. If we decided to go out for dinner, she'd be there, when we went grocery shopping, she'd be in the shopping cart, if we had an errand to run, not only would a human follow us, but a diaper bag and a stroller. Now that Maliya is three, outings are easier…and harder at the same time. While there is no diaper bag or stroller to take with us,...

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Winter Woes

snow day

The first snowfall has come and gone and I've been reflecting upon it over the past few weeks. While I enjoyed seeing Maliya's reaction when she peeked out the window that Saturday morning, it brought sadness at the same time.  I knew that I wouldn't fully be able to enjoy the snow with her.  Rolling what little snow we had into a snowman, shovelling the driveway, making snow angels are things that are out of my physical vocabulary.  My back quickly reminds me of what I cannot do, and I try to stay focused on the positive of what I...

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