5 Ways to Navigate Through the Loss of Miscarriage

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Thirteen months ago, I experienced my first miscarriage and it has been a whirlwind of a journey since then. There was nothing that could've prepared me for the shock and heartache I lived through, that I continue to live through. Next month will mark the due date of my second miscarriage. I cannot even look at a calendar in the same way. It is now filled with dates that are forever imprinted on my heart, dates we found out we were expecting, dates of our losses and due dates, which I now call my babies birthdays. The first two weeks after our...

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My Dear Baby in Heaven – The Anniversary of my Miscarriage

anniversary of miscarriage

My Dear Baby in Heaven, One year ago today I found out that you'd no longer be with me. We knew at the ultrasound that something was wrong, but the technician wasn't able to tell us and the doctor was out of the office for two days. Daddy and I spent two days praying that the worst wouldn't be true. I left multiple messages at the doctor's office and early that Wednesday morning, my phone rang. The doctor said she saw I had been calling and apologized for being away and unable to receive my messages. I had an appointment...

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Publishing the Story of our Miscarriages

word alive press

After our first miscarriage, God put on my heart to share our story. I argued with Him for a long time about doing so. The more I put it off, the more the burden grew in my heart to share our story, so I began writing the details down for myself. Oddly enough, when I had finished my initial thoughts, I marked it as "Chapter 1." With it being only one month after the miscarriage, it was incredibly hard to write, but internally, I knew it would have a purpose one day. Reading the story back to myself was more difficult...

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The Brutal Truth of Pregnancy After Loss

pregnancy after loss

I've been away from the blog for nearly a month and I've really missed writing and connecting with all of you. On June 3 we found out we are expecting again. Due to a history of recurrent pregnancy loss, my doctor put me on progesterone treatments in hopes of helping my body hold the pregnancy. Well, I got every side effect mentioned and have not been able to function. It made me terribly nauseous, on top of what natural nausea would occur and it made my depression worse. The anti-nausea medication I'm on is also associated with making depression worse....

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On The Day You Weren’t Born: The Story of my Miscarriages

miscarriage blog

It has been nearly one year since I've started this blog and I feel like I've been lying for the majority of the time we've had together. The biggest part of my life this past year, I've omitted from my stories, mostly because I've lacked the courage to share. I feel like I've been lying every day when asked, "How are you doing?" because honestly, the truth hurts too much. A mother relishes at moments to share about her children and I am no different. I share about our three-year-old weekly, her stories, her quotes and her quirky moments that I manage to catch...

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To the Invisible Mom


Mother's Day is just around the corner, a day where mothers everywhere are celebrated and honoured by their children and the community around them. The florist down the street from us said that Mother's Day is her busiest day of the year. Flowers, cards, cosmetics and sugary treats are brought to the forefront of stores. I Love Mom, Best Mom, and #1 Mom are a few phrases we see on mugs, shirts and other merchandise. While mothers are visibly being celebrated, my heart breaks for the invisible mom. The mom you see being celebrated, surprised with gifts and embraced is the...

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