Praying For My Husband’s Life


My phone rang at 4:16pm and showed my husband's number. My heart skipped a beat knowing he should be on his motorcycle riding home from work. He shouldn't be calling me at this time, I thought. I was hoping he was calling to tell me that he was leaving the office late. "Hello?" "Hun." "Are you OK?!" "I got hit." "Are you OK!??!?!" "Ya....." His voice trailed off to a groan. "Do you need me to come get you?" "The ambulance is here." "OK. I'll meet you at the hospital." ENTER PANIC MODE! I beat him to the hospital. My...

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Repurposing Time to Repurpose My Marriage

stefanie tong

Time is subjective. We all crave more of it, and try to pack as much as we can into the 24 hours that we are given each day. The minutes quickly turn into hours, hours into days, and soon we are measuring in years. It has been eight years since I vowed that death would be the only thing that would separate me from my husband. When we met, it took me minutes to realize that I enjoyed talking to Brian. Minutes easily turned into hours on the phone when we were dating. It was three days of phone calls...

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In Sickness and in Health

in sickness and in health

Last Thursday I woke to a spinning room. Even lying down and closing my eyes, I felt like I was in motion on an amusement park ride. This feeling only got worse when I sat up. Reaching back to tie up my hair made me want to fall over, and I hadn't even tried to stand yet. All the spinning and whirling made me super nauseous. I called my doctor's office and was advised to head to the hospital. My mom stayed with me at the ER until Brian arrived. I had six hours of continuous vertigo, spent an afternoon...

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