Enbrel Trial: The Tale of Thirteen Injections

I have been wanting to write for many weeks, but this medication makes me so fatigued. It's difficult to make it out of a dark room once I have put one of the girls to bed. The three month trial of Enbrel is officially complete. Last week I met with my rheumatologist. Accompanying me to each doctor's appointment is a list of questions stored on my phone. This is a running list of questions compiled between each appointment. I have a separate running note for every doctor. My memory is worse than it used to be and I really try to...

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The Gift of Spoons

spoon theory

Have you heard of the spoon theory? Soon after my diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis, I joined many online groups for support. I was confused when I read about people talking about spoons. In previous posts I have mentioned that I’m constantly calculating the cost of my day. Spoons is the analogy that those living with chronic illness use for energy, or the cost of each activity. Those of us living with chronic illness are known as Spoonies. After learning about this analogy it made me feel a little less insane. Some things I do to save spoons: - Load the...

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Battling Chronic Illness

chronic illness

I have known that this day was coming for the past five months. Treatment started today. Last October I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and at that first appointment with the rheumatologist, she let me know the recommended treatment is biologics. I was not keen on this treatment as it meant that I'd have to inject myself weekly. I had attributed my pain to being rear-ended three times and had hopes of it going away. While the motor vehicle accidents contributed to the pain and flares, a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease meant this pain was here to stay. As the...

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Diagnosis: Ankylosing Spondylitis

ankylosing spondylitis

I have been quiet here on the blog. I've been quiet everywhere, and I've been staring blankly at this screen for a while with a loss for words. A little ironic, I know. After 12 years of chronic pain, two years of tests, imaging, and waiting to see a rheumatologist, years of pain now has a name. I have officially been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). In short, my body is attacking itself, and over time, my spine may fuse. The diagnosis has dashed my hope a little. When I thought the pain was just from car accidents, I had the hope...

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