Why Did They Put Holes in You, Mommy?

trigger point injection

Photo from pixgood.com Back in May, when my family doctor noticed that I was slowly spiralling downward in my recovery from my car accident, she referred me to a new clinic in Vancouver.  Change Pain opened in 2013, so it wasn't an option with my first two accidents.  After being on the wait list for six months, I began my treatment in November.  My doctor failed to mention one thing, it's a needling clinic.  Had she told me upfront, I don't think I would've stepped through the doors.  I know she wasn't hiding that information on purpose, but she had me...

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Peace Out 2014, You Were Mean


Well, 2014 has finally come to an end!  I say finally because it was a long one for me.  Days seemed like weeks, weeks seemed like months, and I'm sure I've aged about 10 years in the last eight weeks. In March I was rear ended for the third time.  Third time's a charm?  Perhaps, because this car accident created in a shift in me.  No, I'm not talking about my joints that are constantly being pulled out of alignment by my spasmatic muscles, I'm talking about a spiritual/emotional shift. Due to the first accident in 2004, I had to give...

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How Come?

tow truck

There was banging, clanging and a hum of a large machine outside our door this morning. Maliya and I quickly ran to peek out the window.  A large tow truck was here to pick up a truck that was stuck in our complex overnight.  This truck sparked a lot of curiosity and many, many questions came spewing out of my daughter's little body. - How come one people got stuck? - How come just one? - How come their car got stuck, Mommy? - How come there's a cloth in the window? - How come there's cones on the truck? -...

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To the Weary Wife


We had the pleasure of going out for dinner last night, our usual evening out to LA Grill.  After we had ordered, a woman walked in and said she needed a table for two, "one with a wheelchair, my husband" she said with heaviness.  This couple sat two tables away from us.  With the distractions of my nearly three year old asking for cheese, taking bacon off my plate, wanting to squirt ketchup, making sure no fingers were burnt on hot plates and trying to keep milk from spilling, I was still drawn to this woman's heavy heart. I could see...

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LA Grill

LA Grill Vancouver

LA Grill, a name that has been in 75% of all our conversations these past few weeks.  My dad and his wife, along with my uncles and contractors have been working around the clock to get this new restaurant going.  I've been around the restaurant business all my life, it's hard to count how many my dad has created and sold.  This location, we have been the most involved in.  It's countless how many times I've answered the phone to the voice of my dad saying "I've got a project for you."  Since he actually gave me a key to...

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I’m Going Back to Rehab

As Amy Winehouse said "they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no."  Except in my case, I actually have no choice.  I'm on physio's orders to rehab my back for the rest of the week.  My daily rehab routine since the car accident 11 weeks ago, is to take two 15 minute breaks at work to lie down and decompress my back, exercises and rest some more.  As of this morning, I feel like I've been sent to a rehab centre, no work, no play, and lots of rest.  I'm not fighting rehab as...

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Make Over

We've had a creative long weekend.  I was surfing around for a new blog template, and the ones I liked were $50.  Brian made me deal, if I purchase a new template, he can get a new wallet.  Agreed!  Then I got to thinking, why am I purchasing a new template for $50, when I can purchase an entire domain for $10!?  So, I splurged and spent the $10.  Welcome to ECEmom.com!  I'm hoping this make over will inspire me to write more. It's been tough getting a post up as I've been concentrating on rehabbing my back.  I'm still...

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