An Evening of Sensory Play

shaving cream play

Alexis and I had the pleasure of teaching our first Sensory Workshop, made possible through the Neighbourhood Small Grants program from Vancouver Foundation, Volunteer Richmond and Richmond Community Foundation.  We were so happy to be joined by 13 families who participated in play experiences, and were fascinated to witness children immerse themselves in the sensory materials - literally! My phone rang at about 2:30p that afternoon, Alexis on the other end double checking all the materials we needed to gather for the evening.  "I've got my trolly loaded up" she told me.  I was in the midst of making four batches...

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Cornstarch Painting

cornstarch paint

We're one week from our Sensory Play workshop.  Maliya has been enjoying testing all the recipes.  She is also sure to turn any painting activity into a finger painting party, or foot painting party if permitted.  This three ingredient homemade paint was a hit, and I loved that it had an element of texture as well. What you'll need: 2 tablespoons of cornstarch 1 cup of water Food colouring as desired Mix up all the ingredients and cook over a medium heat for about 3-4 minutes, or until the mixture begins to thicken.  Pull off the heat, and it's ready...

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Neighbourhood Small Grant

I got some awesome news that I'm a grant recipient for Neighbourhood Small Grants from Vancouver Foundation, Volunteer Richmond and Richmond Community Foundation.  This is the first year that the grants have been extended to Richmond in the 15 years that this program has run.  I'm so honoured to have been chosen with a project for the community. Last night I attended an orientation, workshop and cheque presentation for all the project leaders.  It was an inspirational evening to hear everyone's ideas on how they're planning on bringing the community together.  Some events that will be happening are block parties, recovery...

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Two Year Old Florist

toddler and flower

A few weeks ago, I posted about how we recycled a bouquet.  I had the opportunity to introduce a new activity to Maliya and recycle another bouquet.  Above is our little two year old florist, ready to design her first flower arrangement.  I knew when this bouquet began to fade as our dining room centerpiece, that it would bloom as our daughter's masterpiece. She wasted no time at all.  Ideally, I would've had all the flowers prepared on the table for her and invite her to come and explore the table.  However, patience and a two year old don't always go...

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Bouquet Recycling

Flower petals

I enjoy keeping flowers on our dining room table.  It brightens up the room and puts a smile on my face.  I also deprived myself of flowers for many years.  When my husband and I started dating back in 2003, being the wonderful boyfriend that he was, surprised me with flowers occasionally.  Then I told him, there's really no need to buy flowers for me, let's enjoy a movie (when we could both get in for $20) or dessert somewhere instead.  So that was it, years without flowers, and Brian quickly learned how practical I was and gifted me with...

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Banana Cream

frozen banana ice cream

Now that the weather has heated up, the grandparents have been spoiling Maliya with cooler treats and her new go to sentence is "I want ice cream."  Paternal grandparents have added Haagen Daz to our freezer and maternal grandparents have added an assortment of sorbet.  Even Auntie Bonnie came over with bubble tea, ice cream mochi and popsicles!  The way to our two year old's heart is definitely through her stomach.  She tries so hard to share, but it's hard for her watch us take a bite of her treat! Since our relatives enjoy spoiling Maliya, I decided to take...

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Felt Story Giveaway

felt numbers

My friends over at Haon Creative have donated a felt story number set for this month's giveaway.  To be entered, all you have to do is subscribe to my monthly newsletter below or on the right sidebar.  The winner will be selected by draw at the end of the month.  Please check out Haon Creative's link and have a look at their other felt stories and items.  In the nine years that I've been sharing stories with children, Haon Creative definitely is one of the higher quality felt stories I've seen!  The detail and care that goes into their stories sets...

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I’ve Lost My Marbles


With the go, go, go pace of our world, the list of 101 crafts to do with your toddler, or 2001 ideas for the summer, it's hard not to go a little crazy at times.  I love checking out other blogs or Facebook pages for inspiration and ideas, but sometimes it's the simple things that I enjoy most, like rocks, sticks and a bowl full of marbles.  (I'm sure as parents, we've lost a dozen along the way.) We had a complex-wide garage sale a few weeks ago and I was so happy to snag the goodies above.  Handmade, wood...

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Wood Paintings and Da Moff

toddler paint

I am a collector of odds and ends, always thinking that I will have a use for things, mostly to create into projects for M.  A month ago, one of the parents at the preschool approached me and asked if we would like small wood plank donations.  OF COURSE!!  This was such a generous donation, to think her work was going to throw them away.  My mind was already wandering into what we could do with them at the preschool, with four boxes and about 1000 pieces of wood donated to us, I was able to take a few home...

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Pinky Goes to Physio

Pinky the owl

Meet Pinky the Owl.  Two weeks ago, Maliya sat in bed and cradled Pinky in her arms, stroking her slowly and told me "I'm waiting for Auntie Jessie to come see Pinky."  (Jessie is my physiotherapist, also known to Maliya as a fixer of all ouchies.)  Our conversation went like this: Me: Oh, is Pinky ok? M: No Me: What happened? M: He hurt herself. Me: Oh no, where? M: On the head.  She's sleeping, don't wake her up. As the week went on, Maliya continued on about Pinky's ouchy.  Finally Maliya told me that Pinky "bonked his head on...

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