Learning to Pedal Forward

pedal forward

Our four-year-old has had an exciting week. She is now a proud owner of her very first bike! We promised her a trip to the store so that she could choose her own, and we wanted to make sure that we got an appropriate bike for her petite size. Is it any surprise that she chose a bike that features her two favourite Disney sisters? Our daughter has been out every day riding her new bike. At bedtime the day she received her bike, it proved to be difficult to close her eyes. "I want to ride my bike tomorrow." "Can...

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I Wish It Was Just an April Fools’ Joke

april fools

Dear Friend, I'm feeling anxious today. Actually I've been feeling anxious for this past week. I've been trying to figure out why because there has been no major event, no emotional trigger, but life has just continued with the everyday events as weeks before. Then I lift my eyes to the calendar. I see the days of March coming to an end. March 31 was the day I prayed the hardest tear-filled prayers I have ever lifted to heaven. I cried out to the Lord, "No, no, no. Please don't let this happen again." Please do not let me miscarry,...

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Like I’m Gonna Lose You

like i'm gonna lose you

Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor and John Legend has been on repeat at our house, and in the car. Not only is our four-year-old singing this song morning, noon and night, she has also requested the Spanish version and alternates between languages. While she is actually learning Spanish from this song, she also has her own version of Spanish. (She also has her own version of Cantonese.) The first time I heard this song was while I was pregnant and it brought me to tears. The lyrics are so powerful and this love song really rang true for where...

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Sleep Deprived Conversations

sleep deprived parenting

If you've ever lived with a newborn, or cared for one around the clock, you would understand how needy he or she can be. You can imagine how this month has been at our house with a one month old, a four-year-old and a dog who is rather attention deprived. We're slowly learning our baby's cues. The most difficult thing so far is that she doesn't like being put down. She'll sleep happily when held, but when I put her down, her eyes pop open and I receive a death glare. As we transition, we have had some interesting conversations...

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The Road to Forty Weeks – Our Birth Story

birth story

It's been a long time coming. I feel like I've been pregnant for the past two years. In this journey of expanding our family, we've gained two angels and had quite the difficult pregnancy, but I can now say that our family is complete. Labour Due to my history with marginal placenta previa, I was instructed to go to the hospital anytime I had any sort of bleeding during pregnancy. Thankfully this only happened once at 27 weeks and baby was happy and healthy. At 39 weeks and 1 day, it happened again at 7:00am. I called my doctor and...

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What My Daughter Asked Me For


Cover photo by Whimsy and Wonder Photography. We've got a pretty solid bedtime routine at our house for our little love who requires a lot of nighttime parenting. My husband usually prepares a small bedtime snack, gets our daughter changed, washed up and passes her off to me. Story time will be any combination of my husband, myself or the dog reading with our four year old. When it's time for lights out, I'm the one to sit with her until she's asleep. She happily crawls into bed, then thinks of at least 10 ways to stall actually going to sleep. 4yo:...

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My Little Princess Party Giveaway

my little princess events

The most recent birthday we had in our family included singing, dancing, story time, prizes, magical wishes and a special gift for our birthday girl. Guess how much time it took me to organize it? Five minutes thanks to My Little Princess Events! Like many four year old girls, our little one grew to love princesses, fairy tales and pretend play this past year. I can't tell you how many times I've been called "Anna" these past few months and told I'm the sister, while my husband plays the role of King or Prince. Our daughter often pretends to be...

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On The Day I Became Mommy

on the day i became mommy

Four years ago I became Mommy because of you. Nine months prior to that a little positive sign changed my life. You were only the size of sesame seed and you captured my heart forever. I'd do anything for you. On the day I became Mommy I was nervous. Daddy took me to the hospital for a routine non-stress test. We were usually in and out within 30 minutes, but it was over an hour this day and I was still lying there with monitors strapped to my belly listening to your heartbeat. The OB came in to say that...

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Tales from 2015


Each night after getting our daughter to sleep and finishing up the chores, my husband and I try to unwind together, usually over a treat that we've hidden from our three year old or a glass of wine. (I miss ice wine. Six more weeks until our due date.) I made a comment to my husband how it's been a tough year, that 2016 will be our year, and then I said, "I know I've been saying that for the past two years, but maybe if I keep saying it, it will come true." We both broke out into laughter....

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A Silent Christmas

silent christmas

It's common this time of year to over schedule ourselves between work events, parties with friends, and family gatherings. I absolutely love Christmas, learning about different traditions, starting new traditions as a family, the yummy food, all while celebrating our Saviour's birth. Before opening her advent gift each day, I read the story of Jesus' birth to my daughter. Since she's heard the story for one week now, I've started to ask her questions: Me: Where was Jesus born? 3yo: In a manger with the animals. (She got me there, I was going for Bethleham.) Me: What gifts did the wise...

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