“I Made a Wormy”

playdough stars

I first introduced playdough to Maliya back in the fall.  At that time, she would spend about 10-20 minutes with it and be done for the day.  She wouldn't ask for it, but it could occupy her for a while if I brought it out. Above is Maliya with her first batch of playdough.  As usual, she will turn almost anything into some sort of dramatic play.  She was likely singing happy birthday to herself. (Photo from last November) Sometimes I fall into the trap of wanting to introduce new things to Maliya all the time.  As parents we want our children...

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I Kissed a Girl

As a Hip Hop dance instructor (on hiatus due to injury,) I've had lots of friends and teachers ask me for age appropriate music.  What songs do I use to teach five year olds, or at elementary schools?  I used to get seven and eight year olds ask me for music where the content is sexually explicit or all about getting drunk in a club.  Some songs are catchy, have repetitive lyrics and soon we have a four year old singing "I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick."  My issue isn't a girl...

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What That iPad is Doing to Your Kids


I read an article this morning titled "What That iPad is Doing to Your Kids is Kind of Shocking." It begins by describing a setting in a restaurant, where you look around and see that more children than not, have a screen in front of them.  This is a scene that I see quite often in public.  While waiting in line, we pull out our screens, waiting for food at a restaurant, we pull out our screens, waiting for a movie to start at the theatre, we pull out a screen while waiting for the screen!  I know I'm not always the...

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I’m Going Back to Rehab

As Amy Winehouse said "they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no."  Except in my case, I actually have no choice.  I'm on physio's orders to rehab my back for the rest of the week.  My daily rehab routine since the car accident 11 weeks ago, is to take two 15 minute breaks at work to lie down and decompress my back, exercises and rest some more.  As of this morning, I feel like I've been sent to a rehab centre, no work, no play, and lots of rest.  I'm not fighting rehab as...

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Remnants of Play

At the end of a work day, or a day home with the kiddies for those SAHM/SAHD, wouldn't it be nice to walk into a room and have it all tidy?  Every book on the shelf, toys in the bin or neatly in baskets, and a clear path to walk.  Then we could curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, and a nice book for some me time, or if you're like my husband, curl up with an iPad.  Wouldn't that be nice!?  However, most of the time I walk into a room, and it looks like...

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Make Over

We've had a creative long weekend.  I was surfing around for a new blog template, and the ones I liked were $50.  Brian made me deal, if I purchase a new template, he can get a new wallet.  Agreed!  Then I got to thinking, why am I purchasing a new template for $50, when I can purchase an entire domain for $10!?  So, I splurged and spent the $10.  Welcome to ECEmom.com!  I'm hoping this make over will inspire me to write more. It's been tough getting a post up as I've been concentrating on rehabbing my back.  I'm still...

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